Real Truth. Real Life. Real Hope.

Walking into any new place can be intimidating. So we thought we’d take the pressure off by letting you know what you can expect when you come to church.

Here’s a few things…

A Warm Welcome and a Casual Atmosphere

When you arrive you’ll automatically notice the pretty easy-going atmosphere around here. There’ll be music playing and people will be sharing a cup of coffee and chatting about the past week. It won’t take long before you’ll be greeted by some of the awesome people that call KAC home.  Have no fear… you’ll feel like you belong right away. Just come as you are and be yourself – we can’t wait to meet you!

Uplifting Music that Inspires and Moves Us

Can you imagine life without music?

Music is the soundtrack of our lives and plays a really important part in the life of a Church.

It lifts us out of the details of the week and gives our hearts a launching pad for joy and a vocabulary to express our deepest thoughts.

It helps us to focus on what’s really important and gives our hearts a language for what we need to say to God.

Clear & Passionate Teaching from the Word of God

If (as we believe) the Bible really is God’s message to all of us – to reveal the truth about him, ourselves, and way to be reconciled with God through Jesus the Son … then we need to pay attention to what is written. The message spoken each Sunday morning is rooted in the text of the Bible, as together we seek to understand and apply truth to live by.

Real truth – Real life – Real hope.